Stabiliser & Emulsifier Systems from LACTO

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By combining the right hydrocolloids, emulsifiers, proteins and other functional ingredientrs, LACTO Technology develops highty sophisticated ingredient blends providing not only the functional properties that you are looking for but also at an optimised cost. Through utilisation of synergies between natural ingredients, we engineer and build the right solution for you.

Careful selection of the right building blocks allows us to help you improve texture, mouthfeel and stability of your milk. increase melt down properties of your ice cream and add texture and syneresis stability to your set and stirred yoghurt.


The LACTO Formulation Management Service helps customers design their recipes according to specific requirements. The table below provides an overview of the different industries where we can support you achieve your goal and objectives quickly:

  • Dairy Drinks
  • Cream & Creamer
  • Yoghurt and other Fermented Products
  • Ice Cream and other frozen desserts

Customised Stabiliser & Emulsifier Blends

Very often it can be an advantage to take a step back and evaluate whether the ingredient blend you are using today is also the right one. Most ingredient blend are created with a degree of robustness, which makes them work in several different applications and under various process conditions. This usually comes at a cost since it may be necessary to use higher amounts of specific ingredients in the blend in order to give the the “all-round” nature.

In close cooperation with you, LACTO Technology can offer to help you build your very own ingredient blend optimised to your application and process facility. This will help you avoid using components which you don’t really need. Get the best out of your food product – nothing more and nothing less.